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The Legend Of Gnarly Varulfr

Born under the Wolf Moon, a young pup named Wolle crawled from the earths core in  Northern Sotavania. Living and learning for something different, Wolle walked. Portages came and went, lakes and streams provided passage, and time to just chill. 

He walked and walked, swam and waded,  it seemed like the days would never end.

One fine full moon, Wolle noticed on yonder hill lay a broken wooden cart. It was tattered, busted, and broken but had four wheels made of clay and a wooden deck. It was just about  perfect to stand on. He was stoked! After years of tireless travel, Wolle looked at that cart and said to himself "Ain't no fucking way I'm walking!" And that, my friends, is how the Gnarly Varulfr began to skate the Earth.

Needless to say, Wolle can still be heard grinding and thrashing his way through the night. Take heed on the nights of full moon or ye too may succumb and become Gnarly forever more. 

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